For many years I have been storing food in my fridge and pantry in glass or crockery as much as possible. Yesterday I decided to conduct a trial of Happbee Wrap for keeping spinach fresh and crisp. It's difficult to avoid plastic when buying spinach so as soon as I got home from my vege shopping trip, off came the plastic. How was I going to keep it fresh for a few days while I ate my way through it? I wrapped one Happbee Wrap Biggie around the bottom of my washed spinach, covering the bottom of the stalks, and another (overlapping the other) around the top half and secured them with rubber bands. The top was open a little so it looked rather like a bunch of flowers. This morning the spinach was still fresh and crisp, and this evening as I prepared spinach salad for dinner it was still fresh and crisp! I am excited that I have found another way to use Happbee Wrap. I will keep you posted as to how my trial goes.

Linda and I have been discussing the possibility of making a large wrap, and I think it would be perfect for wrapping fresh greens.

Watch this space for results of my experiment!