HappBee Wrap-Kind to the planet

As sometimes happens when I am out walking my dog (Dalmatian, Fergus) I have good ideas! I had been thinking it was time to write something new for the blog, and it came to me today. What to do with your HappBee Wrap once it has come to the end of its life. Of course with care, and depending on what it is used for, we know it can last for a year or more. Most of mine are still going strong after 18 months which is very pleasing. There are one or two which I have had great use out of for over a year and have refreshed several times (in the oven or the lovely Nelson sunshine) which are beginning to look less waxy. As I don't want to throw them in the rubbish bin to end up in the landfill, I will probably cut them up into smallish pieces and put them in my compost. We do have a fire so when this gorgeous summer is done and we are lighting the fire, I will try them as firelighters. With the cotton fabric and highly flammable beeswax they will be great to get the fire going. They may even make good drawer liners for your kitchen drawers, especially if they are old wooden ones like mine. I have also used them to line the bottom of the bins in my fridge, to make cleaning the bins easier when the time comes.

If you have come up with other ideas please email us and let us know so we can spread the word.