Make a HappBee pouch

Here are some useful hints which may help your HappBee Wrap to last even longer.

  • Make a Biggie into a small pouch. Lay your wrap flat then fold gently in half. Folding both edges together, fold the long open edge over twice, just a narrow fold. Do the same with one of the short open edges, press them down and the wax will hold them in place. I keep my pouch folded and use it for small greens (rocket, herbs, baby spinach) beans and other small pieces of veg. Once you have put in the food just sprinkle a little water inside, fold the open top down and put it in the fridge. Because the wrap is not being unfolded and refolded it may last longer. I think using a new piece of wrap if probably best, but try what you have! Oh and the Supersize Single is great for a pouch too. 
  • Linda and I have many pieces of wrap (of course!) and I am sure this also contributes to the longevity of individual pieces (especially those that are in and out of the fridge) as they are all being rotated. 
  • One of our customers said she has a sunny spot in her kitchen where she puts her wrap to dry after washing. She said the heat from the sun seemed to soften the wax a little and she hadn't needed to refresh then in the oven. I have noticed that the wrap I use for my snack of nuts at work, which then goes into my back pocket, has lasted very well, without refreshing. Must be my warm.........pocket!!
  • Speaking of refreshing in the oven. You will see the details of this on our home page. When your wrap is looking worn it is a simple job to give it a new lease of life in the oven. 
  • Take care with cleaning/washing. Brush off crumbs, wipe with a damp cloth or wash gently in cool/tepid water with a little mild detergent towel, dry gently and leave to air dry a while too. Treating your HappBee Wrap with care will help it last longer. 
  • Linda and I are still using wrap we made over a year ago, so follow some of these hints and help your HappBee Wrap last longer too.