Naked Food Shopping

My last two blogs have concentrated on recipes you can easily make yourself at home, therefore avoiding unnecessary packaging. By taking your own bags and containers, using a bulk buy shop (such as a Binn Inn) along with a local produce market or green grocer, who has naked fruit and vegetables, you can shop naked!

You will see in the photo at the beginning of this blog the bulk of my food/grocery shopping last weekend. I took the jars and bags with me and filled them at our local Binn Inn and Saturday Market. Not a piece of plastic in sight. 

It is a very satisfying feeling bringing home fresh food and stacking my shelves and fridge without having to deal with extra packaging. The jars go straight onto the pantry shelves, the vegetables wrapped in HappBee Wrap and along with most of the fruit, go into the fridge. 

There are a few challenges though. I am yet to find toilet paper not wrapped in plastic, though the plastic is recyclable, and I understand I can take my own container to a local butcher (the only one without packaged meat) for meat. Each time I take the cling wrap off my supermarket bought meat, I cringe as I drop it into the rubbish bin! This week I will visit the butcher.

Please share your journey working towards a plastic free life. I know many people will be way ahead of me in practising zero waste and plastic free living and Linda and I would welcome your knowledge, comments and ideas. 

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