Naked for Life

A few weeks ago a group of 10 and 11 year old students from St Paul's School in Richmond asked HappBee Planet if we would teach them how to make happbee wrap. Their school is already a rubbish free school, but they wanted to help others learn more about further reducing their use of plastic, in particular cling film. Inspiration for them was a booklet called 'Naked for Life', which included an article about a woman who put out no rubbish or recycling for 18 months. During our discussion about their project I commented that I bought soy milk in cartons which have a plastic lining and was wondering how I could avoid that. One of the students quietly said 'You could make your own I suppose.'

Well, at the time I thought 'Oh wow that sounds like a difficult thing to do'. However I felt so inspired by their knowledge of the negative effects plastics have on our planet and their desire to pass on their ideas to reduce the use of plastic to their school and beyond I set myself a couple of challenges.

  • Make my own nut milk
  • Buy locally made bread at the Saturday Market

So that is how my Naked for Life challenge started and my realisation that although I have made changes in my life to reduce the use of plastic, making and using HappBee Wrap, using glass containers etc,  I could make many things myself, instead of buying pre-bought contained in plastic.  I want to share with you the wonderful recipes I have come across and now make regularly, enjoying almond/coconut milk, purple wheat bread, delicious coconut yoghurt and flatbreds. With not a single piece of plastic in sight!

This blog features Nicola Galloway's recipe for nut milk and I will introduce you to the other recipes over the next few weeks.

Nut Milk 


1/2/ cup / 75gms hazelnuts, almonds, cashew, macadamias (I use almonds)

1/2 cup / 50gms coconut

1 cup /250mls boiling water

pinch of salt

2 cups / 500mls cold water


Place the nuts and coconut in a measuring jug and add the boiling water (it will come up to the 2cup mark). Set aside to soak for 20 to 30 minutes. This will plump up the nuts so they release more milky goodness.

Tip the nuts and coconut along with the soaking water into a blender or food processor and add a pinch of salt. Blend for 1 minute to create a smooth paste.

With the engine running, slowly pour in 2 cups of cold water until the mixture is frothy and milky. 

The milk can be used as is (it will have a slight texture) or strained through a nut milk bag, or cheesecloth-lined sieve. (I use a 'goodie bag' from the Green Collective). Twist the bag or cheesecloth into a ball and squeeze out the milk.

Pour into a glass bottle and use within 4 days, shaking well to combine before using.


So for those of you who are dairy free like me, or just want to try something different, give it a go, it really is easy!

Thanks to the students at St Paul's School I now know that "The ocean will have more plastic and trash than fish by 2050. We are ruining the planet over packaging.", and that plastic "never biodegrades; it just gets smaller and smaller. Which means every piece of plastic ever created still exists." - Kathryn Kellog Check out Kathryn's 30 day challenge on her blog.

HappBee Wrap is the perfect alternative for keeping food fresh and it feels good to know that, each time you use it there's one less piece of plastic in the world. 






Kids see life so simply. We can learn a lot from them! Good luck on your naked for life quest!

17 July 201721:59

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