What’s In My Bags?

Sometimes I think I’m a slow learner! I now take a glass container to the butcher to buy meat, I use my own jars to buy food at the Binn Inn, I use reusable bags when shopping at the Nelson Market, but I kept on taking home a paper bag every time I decided to buy bread. Well you may not think that is so bad and I guess it’s not, however, the delicious bread leaves the bag unusable for anything else and so it would just be thrown away. I have no idea why it took me so long, but the solution to my problem was right in front of me! Take one of our Bee Fresh Bags to buy bread and crackers in, and save it for just that purpose. Well, finally. On Saturday I did just that, bought my delicious quinoa with wholemeal loaf, handed over my bag for the bread to go in and no rubbish to take home. The bread was even still warm.

We have had our bags on sale at The Nelson Market for most of the summer and as you may have seen they are now available in our online shop. There are some great photos (thanks to my good friend Charlene) on our Bee Fresh Bag page as well as in the gallery, but I thought you may like to see what’s inside my bags.

This is our large bag which lives most of it’s life in my fridge, with the odd outing to The Nelson Market. Usually this bag is full of vegetables, carrots, broccoli, zucchini, peppers, it’s surprising how much it holds. I find that some veg just doesn’t stay fresh in the chiller drawers in the fridge, however it does keep very fresh in this bag. Each time I use something out of it I simply sprinkle a little water over the contents, fold the top down and pop it back in the fridge.

This is the bag which I bought my bread in. It’s also a large bag, keeping the bread fresh on the bench or sometimes in the fridge. 


Introducing the medium bag. At present I'm using this for beans and a few small carrots in the bottom. At other times I have had lettuce leaves in there, also mint and other herbs.

I also have a sandwich sized bag which is very versatile. It does come to work with me at times containing a sandwich, but is also great for smaller pieces of veg, the last of the bread when it gets small, cake, muffins and so much more!

Our bags have been very popular locally, and already selling well online, so you might like to try some too. We really love them.

I have discovered that Bee Fresh Bags (and HappBee Wrap too for that matter) work well in the freezer. I have frozen pineapple pieces, chick peas and a loaf in them so far. None for a long period of time as yet but so far so good.

Remember to save the label on your wrap and bags, it gives information on caring for our products and also how to 'refresh' them in the oven giving them a new lease of life. Take a look.


Sam Jewel

Sam Jewel

Glad to read this thanks

1 September 202021:01

Frey K.

Frey K.

We also learned to use our own bags when we buy. But plastics are inevitable as products are always contained in plastics. But we are getting there. Cheers! our url: https://www.roofingrepairsauckland.kiwi/

1 September 202020:59

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