Wrapping the Planet in Love

At HappBee Planet we work hard at making the lowest impact as possible on the planet.

Wrapping the Planet in Love - Happbee Planet

HappBee Wrap is made from 100% cotton fabric and locally sourced beeswax.

When cutting the fabric careful consideration is made to create as little waste as possible and what waste there is we will endeavour to find a use for it. This is how we came up with the idea of jar covers, a useful addition to our range, using surplus fabric.

Beeswax is a precious commodity. When waxing the fabric we are mindful of the hard work the bees put in creating it and ensure that waste is minimal. Any wax we can’t use goes back to the local beekeeper for use in his hives.

When your wrap has come to the end of its life (after a year or two hopefully!) check out our blog for ideas of what to do with it next.

HappBee Planet Body Butter is made using 100 % natural ingredients and is made locally, here in sunny Nelson.

The use of only natural ingredients ensures it is good for you, as well as the planet.

It is made locally which means we are able to cut down our carbon footprint and keep prices reasonable while saving on packaging materials.

Our delicious Body Butter comes in an attractive glass jar which ensures it will remain pure. We encourage you to reuse or recycle the jar.

Packaging orders for delivery.

Get together with friends and family to make an order. You’ll save $ and Good old brown parcel paper is our standard packaging material, along with corrugated card for larger orders.

To make certain your order arrives safely we do use strong parcel tape, but only what is absolutely needed! Larger orders are sometimes sent in post bags, but thankfully they are recyclable!

As we get into sending products in glass, we will experiment with safe options which keep in line with our ‘love the planet’ philosophy. Perhaps to begin with we will reuse bubble wrap which we have been sent, and ask our customers to reuse it themselves. Currently we are researching jiffy bags which use no plastic.

We strive to:

► Buy Local
► Reuse
► Recycle
► Repurpose
► Reduce

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