What’s In My Bags?

Bee Fresh Bags, our latest product. Take a look inside my bags and see how versatile and essential they are! Discover how Bee Fresh Bags can keep your food fresh without plastic.

Naked Food Shopping

By buying from a bulk food outlet and shopping at a local produce market, your food will be naked, and you'll be doing the planet a favour!

Make your own, Creamy Coconut Yoghurt

You can easily make your own coconut yoghurt at home and save the planet from one less plastic container.

Naked for Life

HappBee Planet teaches a group of ten year olds how to make happbee wrap. They in turn inspire me to further reduce the plastic in my life.

Refresh Your HappBee Wrap Supersize Single

Learn how to refresh your large Supersize Single HappBee Wrap easily, using your oven and some baking paper, and extend it's life!

HappBee Planet Body Butter

Looking for a gift for that someone special? HappBee Planet Body Butter is new to the market and we're receiving great reports from everyone who samples it.

Wrapping the Planet in Love

At HappBee Planet we work hard at making the lowest impact as possible on the planet.

HappBee Wrap-Kind to the planet

At the end of its life, HappBee Wrap will be kind to the planet.

Wrap the Planet in Love

Once again the Happbee Wrap story has made it into print.