Wild Garden - a floral mix in pinks and blues.

Wild Garden, floral mix in pinks and blues. Photos is an indication of what may be included in your sets.

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Super Size Single approx 42x53cm $18. A single wrap perfect for platters, loaves of bread or folding into a bag for salad greens.

Bee Bigger 34x34cm $13. A single wrap perfect to cover platters or large bowls.

Biggies set: 3 x 30x30cm. $26.50 A good size to wrap blocks of cheese, big sandwiches, picnics, covering large containers and salad bowls.

Inbetweenies set: 3 x 27x25cm. $20. A good size for bread rolls, children's sandwiches, butter and covering smaller containers or jars.

Littlies set: 3 x 17x15cm. $10. A good size to wrap snacks, small vegetables (ideal for onions in the fridge), fruit and covering small containers.

HappBee Start: One each of Biggie, Inbetweenie, Littlie $20

Lunch Set: 1x 25x27 & 1x 15x17 $10. Just enough for a sandwich and a snack.

PLEASE NOTE: Photo is only an indication of the designs that are likely to be in your set.




From $10.00