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We really can't recommend Bee Fresh Bags highly enough for keeping vegetables crisp and crunchy. For example carrots go slimy if kept in plastic for too long and limp when you just pop them in the veg drawer. In a Bee Fresh Bag they retain their crispness for a surprising length of time. 

Constructed from HappBee Wrap, 100% cotton infused with beeswax and hand made in Tauranga, NZ HappBee Planet Bee Fresh Bags are available in three different sizes.

Large Bee Fresh Bag $21. Useful for a wide range of vegetables from delicate spinach to bulk carrots or heads of broccoli or cauliflower. The large Bee Fresh Bag is also just right for loaves of home made or specialty breads.

Medium Bee Fresh Bag $16. Fantastic for smaller quantities of  fruit and vegetables such as rhubarb, carrots, beans, celery, spring onions and herbs.

Sandwich Bee Fresh Bag $12. Perfect for sandwiches and bread rolls. It's also useful for fruit and vegetables such as apricots, plums, cherries, capsicum, beetroot and spring carrots to name just a few.

Snack Bee Fresh Bag $4.50. Just right the right size for a few carrot sticks, a couple of biscuits or crackers or a handful of nuts for morning tea or to tuck into your pocket while tramping.

You'll find our Bee Fresh Bags available in most of our fabric patterns, the Sandwich Bee Fresh Bags is also available in patterns for kids.

Check out our  lucky dip section for discounted prices on a mixed set of Bee Fresh Bags.

Large Bee Fresh Bag

Bee Fresh Bag Large

For leafy greens, large vegetables and loaves of bread


Medium Bee Fresh Bag

Bee Fresh Bag Medium

For smaller vegetables and herbs.


Bee Fresh Sandwich Bag

Bee Fresh Bag Sandwich

For sandwiches, bread rolls or small vegetables.


Bee Fresh Snack Bag

Bee Fresh Bag Snack

For transporting those smaller items.