What do our customers have to say about HappBee Wrap?

 My husband has found your cuticle conditioner has strengthened his nails after chemo damage. Thanks for such a great product. (Yvonne, April 2018)

Just wanting to give you huge praise on your products, I was in the Nelson market at the end of last year and had fantastic service and got the vanilla body butter and the mandarin and lime one as well and they are both fantastic!
I don’t usually send reviews etc to product servers because I haven’t had a product yet that I liked that much.... so thank you! Your body butters are superior. 
(Kate, April 2018)

First time purchase of my sandwich bag. It's dealing with the Aussie heat easily , making my sandwhich fresh and tasty. Very happy with these products. (Fleur, Feb 2018)

My wraps are gorgeous and smell amazing! So stoked to be able to use a product that will allow me to cut down on my plastic consumption. (Pip, March 2017)

Love my HappBee Wrap. So quick and easy. Will be buying more for myself and as Christmas presents. (Pam, Sept 2016)

My wraps arrived today and they smell AMAZING! They mold beautifully over bowls, can't wait to get them in the lunchbox on Monday. Best priced wraps too. Thanks (Jess. September 2016)

We were in the Nelson Market last Saturday and saw your stall again. Earlier in the year I bought a wrap and liked it so much I ordered more on-line. We have been away in our motor home again and they are ideal for keeping vegetables nice and fresh. Excellent too for a big block of cheese in the fridge. The larger wraps are certainly the most useful. Thank you and keep up the great ideas. (Margaret. August 2016)

Awesome product! Has saved me heaps of money on plastic wrap, plus it's a healthier alternative. The cool fabric designs make school lunches interesting for the kids too. Thank you! (Rowena. April 2016)

Many thanks for the wraps. My family loved them for their Xmas presents. Love supporting local businesses and a bonus being environmentally friendly too. (Rachel, January 2016)

I can't believe how much I use my Happbee Wraps. (Tracy, December 2015) 

Love my Happbee wraps, no longer use 'clingfilm', great product. (Jackie, December 2015)

I love Happbee Wrap because it's so cheery. It cheers up the fridge with the bright colours. It cheers up the food as it doesn't go limp in plastic. Lastly it cheers up the environment because nothing is going in the bin. (Rose, December 2015)

I purchased some of your lovely Happbee wraps a few months ago and absolutely love them. I am hoping to get some more as Christmas gifts for family (and some more for myself).  They are a great product, I have found them very useful and I love how pretty my fridge looks these days with all my Happbee wraps being used! (Heidi, December 2015).

Love, love, love the Paisley!! (Sue, December 2015).

How great to see you at the Beacon Hill Market today. I was able to stock up with some new wraps. I purchased my first wraps over a year ago now and they are ...still going strong. Brilliant for sandwiches and covering items in the fridge. This is such a fabulous idea - I wish I had thought of it!! (Diane, September 2015)

Thanks for the tip at the Mapua Easter Fair to rejuvenate one of my wraps, that had seemed to have lost it's wax, by putting in a low heat oven between two sheets of baking paper, perfect again (Rose, April 2015)